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Revival Of The Cascade

Posted on by Conrad Brunner

Many hours of hard labour have transformed the cascade area above the pond in Queens Park into a condition much closer to its original design.

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Volunteers: We Need You

Posted on by Conrad Brunner

Can you lend us a hand? You can see a list of volunteer activities below, or download the Full Volunteer Schedule here. 

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Volunteers Help Pond Improvements

Posted on by crispinwr

  The Queen’s Park Pond was much in the news in late summer. A local aerial photographer, Eddie Mitchell (@brightonsnapper), took a magnificent photo of the park which unfortunately highlighted the bright green colour of the pond.

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Waiting For The Swifts

Posted on by crispinwr

  Take a visit to the Clock Tower in Queen’s Park. Admire its noble form and elegant brickwork, then close your eyes and use your ears. You will hear birdsong, specifically the unmistakeable sound of the Swift.

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The Wild Garden: History, Nature, Community

Posted on by crispinwr

Until 1987, the Wild Garden was just another patch of inner city grassland, largely unchanged since the park’s last major refurbishment in 1892 (it was first laid out in 1825).

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