Queens Park Dropped From City Bike Share Scheme

July 4th, 2017

Plans for a Queens Park hub have been dropped from the citywide bike share scheme, being rolled out this month.

BHCC is launching the £1.45 million scheme in two phases, with bike share hubs dotted across Brighton and Hove.

There will be 450 Social Bicycles, also known as SoBi smartbikes, available for hire in central Brighton & Hove.  See full details here.

But a Queens Park hub located in front of the Pepperport will now not be included in the scheme despite featuring in the initial proposal.

Colin Harwood from BHCC told the Friends of Queens Park: “It was decided, on further review, that the Pepperpot site will not form part of the initial phase of sites. Additional sites have also been identified in the Hanover and Elm Grove areas which would meet some of the demand generated by this area and could be delivered more cost effectively (for example without the need for more extensive groundworks).

“A location in the Pepperpot/ Queen’s Park area may be considered again in future once the scheme has launched and the need for additional sites can be assessed.”

The move to drop Queens Park has disappointed some local residents: “As with so many citywide initiatives – park funding, reduced bus services – East Brighton, and Queens Park in particular, have been passed over. This is a large scale and expensive project, but it appears designed to avoid this side of town altogether.”