Improved Bus Services For Queens Park

November 23rd, 2016

Brighton Buses has boosted services to Hanover and Queens Park in response to local concerns about timetables and bus routes.Martin Harris, managing director of Brighton Buses, has informed local councillors that there will be an immediately increase in the frequency of numbers 23 and 25 buses.

“Following the further growth of university students using the services in the area, we have revised our expectation and ambitions for the services and particularly service 23.

“We have provided additional resources for extra journeys on service 23 and 25 at the most critical times. These include an extra service 23 journey from Queens Park to the University at 8.15am, and a service 25 to the University at 9.20am. There will also be additional relief journeys on service 25 in the afternoons which will also take some pressure off capacity on service 23 during the afternoon peak.”

A second phase response to local feedback will be a 21 bus service running from Queens Park to the Goldstone Valley. “We are proposing to operate service 21 in two overlapping sections, each operating half hourly with a 15-minute frequency over the busiest section:

“The half hourly sections would run from Goldstone Valley to Queens Park, and from Churchill Square to the Marina, giving the 15-minute frequency between Queens Park and Churchill Square,” says Harris.

“We welcome the support from the Queens Park LAT in offering the assistance of the community in disseminating information about the community’s local bus services. We confirmed that we would like to extend this involvement of the Hanover and Queens Park community by developing a locally focussed brand to distinguish the service 23 buses and work with members of the community to help shape this work.”