Revival Of The Cascade

May 29th, 2016

Many hours of hard labour have transformed the cascade area above the pond in Queens Park into a condition much closer to its original design.


Cascade 2 May 2016

Work by Friends of Queens Park volunteers has been enhanced by a significant contribution from the Community Payback team, who together have helped restore sections of this beautiful but awkward feature of the park.

“The images show sterling work by some members of the Community Payback Team”, says Chris Lowe of FQP. “The last session evolved into something of an archaeological dig as hidden rocks, structures and deep pool bases were exposed, beneath perhaps 40 years of accumulated silt.”


Mark, with a young helper

Cascade May 2016

“Much of the cascade’s bank-side structure remains hidden beneath overgrown shrubs and plants, so we might be in for more revelations. The work done on the middle section is striking [see photo], showing a pool retaining wall and exposed large rocks, revealing the dramatic intention of the original design.”

Community Payback aims to support Brighton & Hove offenders by giving them life & employment skills, social reintegration, self esteem and a sense of citizenship. They put in some 45,000 hours a year in the city, representing a saving of £639,000 in labour charges per annum. You can read more about this scheme here.

Thanks also to our local volunteers Mark, Andrew, Andrew Stanley, and of course FQP’s Chris Lowe and Park Ranger Lindsay Cattanach.


Andrew gets all the good jobs


Lindsay, our indefatigable Park Ranger