Picnic In The Park 2105: Thank You

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Thanks to everyone who helped make Picnic In The Park 2015 a great success. See below some photos and words of appreciation from those who attended the event.

“What a lovely lovely day. Thank you for all your hard work x”
”Brilliant day, thanks for having us”
“A great day. Thank you Friends of Queens Park”
“Had a lovely afternoon, thank you, especially for the music”

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Are you interested in being involved with Picnic In The Park in 2016? If so, please get in touch with the Friends Of Queens Park via info@fqpbrighton.net.

Once again, the park was wonderfully tidy and clean soon after the conclusion of the event. Thanks to all visitors who took care with their rubbish and helped keep the park in its high summer bloom.

Picnic Next Day

The Day After Picnic In The Park 2015

We would like to offer a big thanks to sponsor Godfrey Investment,  for their help with hosting this event. It is our aim to keep Picnic fun, free and solvent, and their financial support makes a real difference.

The first Author Tent at Picnic In The Park was a popular feature. Thanks to Beach Hut Writers for bringing in so many talented writers. Ann’s Raffle was wildly popular and helped raise a chunk of change for good causes.

Seeker Singer


Samba Picnic 2015 DSC_0497

Man With A Guitar Tim Barton (above right) and all those terrific bands, especially our wonderful headline act Seeker – put on a splendid show. We also enjoyed rousing sets by John Crampton, The Brighton School of Samba, The WeBop Choir and the Sussex Jazz Orchestra.


Ann Ewings of The Friends Of Queens Park


Sussex Jazz Orchestra


Watching Punch & Judy

DSC_0425 DSC_0463 DSC_0473 DSC_0505 DSC_0525 DSC_0530 DSC_0577 DSC_0583 DSC_0599

The Friends Of Queens Park would like to thank the small army of volunteers who helped this event to run smoothly.  Mark Hosmer & Tobi Ford-Western, and the team from Church of Christ The King made a simply huge contribution, clocking up significant hours of hard labour that helped the day go smoothly.

Tom Oakden organised the busy kids activities on the Bowling Green, a new feature for Picnic In The Park. It was a highly popular initiative that was superbly organised, and Tom wishes to acknowledge the important contribution of the CKK group, plus Matthew Vitty (Albion in the Community), Jamie Argent, Robin Askwith, The New England toddler group, Rachel Fellingham, Nina Ford-Western, Ellie Argent, Lauren McDonald, EJ, Jim Foreman, Mark, Jo, Jacob and the two Tims. Thanks also to Clair Thomas (Brighton Ballet), Matt Bartsch (Riptide fitness) and Jonathan Cooper (St Luke’s Primary).

Thank you to many other people and companies who’ve helped today: Mishon Mackay, for their continued support of this event; Deacon Julie from St Luke’s Church, always quick to help;  The Friends of the Pepperpot, who offer invaluable practical support; Kingdom Landscapes, who repaired the bowling green; Real Patisserie, wise judges of the Bake Off event; Travis Perkins, for great service; and the generous local merchants who gave heaps of amazing prizes for Ann’s Raffle, from Advance Helicopters  to Drussilas Park. Thank you.

MM-Mark Godfrey-Investment-Padded

See images from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice here.


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