Overflowing With Goodies: Ann’s Raffle Is Back

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Ann Ewings of the Friends Of Queen's Park

Ann Ewings of the Friends Of Queen’s Park

If you’ve been to Picnic In The Park, you’ll know about the raffle, and if you know about the raffle, you’ll know about Ann. 

We bring you good news about Ann, who’s special skill for procuring prizes from the generous denizens of Brighton & Hove has been put to good use.  The prize pool for the annual raffle is already heavy with valuable prizes.
Her weapons are determination, attention to detail, and more front than Marine Parade. She also takes care to properly acknowledge every kind donor with a hand written letter, an old-school touch which keeps them giving. That is why the prize pool for the 2014 Picnic in The Park Raffle is already overflowing with goodies. Honestly, you’d be nuts not to buy a ticket. Fill your boots. Here’s just a tiny sample:

Royal Box, for two, champagne included, at Brighton’s Theatre Royal

One night for two at the Hilton Metropole, breakfast included

Family ticket for Drusilla’s Zoo

Carriage for six on the Brighton wheel

“It’s a great gamble at a great price,” says Ann. “For one pound, you get a strip of tickets – five chances – with every ticket folded up and added to the raffle.”

Most of the finest restaurants in Brighton are contributing full meals for two to Ann’s Raffle, and there’s still some days to go.  There’s heaps more to come, and you can be sure that if you are in the vicinity of Queen’s Park on Sunday 29 June, you’ll hear all about the many prizes on offer. Just make sure you buy a ticket.

Picnic In The Park: Sunday 29 June, from 12pm, Free entry

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