The Great Brighton Bake Off 2014

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Check your ingredients. Pre-heat the oven. Butter that dish. And prepare for the 2014 Great Brighton Bake Off, on Sunday 29 June at Picnic In The Park.

Last year, the inclusion of a baking competition within the Picnic order of service was considered a pleasant but minor distraction. But when the tent went up, and the quite magnificent collection of cakes began to arrive, it was clear that The Great Brighton Bake Off had seized the imagination of the local population.

“It was an instant hit,” says organiser Nicky Bullock, of the Friends of Queen’s Park. “The number and the quality of the entries, from children and adults, was absolutely stunning.”


Great Brighton Bake Off 2013: “It was an instant hit”

Having taken a good look at the quality on offer, the wildlife of Queen’s Park could barely wait for an opportunity to sample the produce. So the moment the winners were announced, the stampede for cake began, at a recklessly generous £1 a slice. Grown-ups still shudder at the memory.


I predict a riot: The Great Cake Stampede

The winning submission was a chocolate coffee cake, prepared by local amateur baker Tom Case-Harcourt. It was a delightfully simple concept, and its exquisite balance of rich flavour and firm, spongey moistness won high praise from the judge – an opinion eagerly endorsed by those lucky enough to get a slice.


“An exquisite balance of rich flavour and firm, spongey moistness”: Tom Case-Harcourt’s winning cake

“This year, we are delighted to have Clément Jacquinot from Real Patisserie, Kemptown, to judge our entries in the Adult and Under 16 categories,” says Nicky. “We are obliged to limit the number of entries (£1 per contestant) so we ask you to enter early to avoid disappointment.” You can email Nicky via the FQP website, putting FOR NICKY in the subject line.

All entries must be taken to The Great Brighton Bake Off tent at Picnic In The Park by 1pm. Trophies are awarded for first place, with medals for second and third, in both categories. All cakes will be sold after the competition is concluded in aid of the Friends Of Queen’s Park funding future events.

Picnic In The Park, Sunday 29 June

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