Frazer The Wonder Dog

June 5th, 2014

The competition to win 2013 Bark In The Park’s first ever pedigree ‘Best In Show’ was close – until the AV Gun Dog category. That’s when the judge took one good look at the Irish Red Setter ‘Frazer’ and knew he’d found a champion. Now, in this year’s Bark in the Park, Fazer has not only won AV Gun Dog , but once again Best In Pedigree Show. Amazing.

Frazer: Best In Show, Bark In The Park 2013, with owner Maria Williams

Frazer: Best In Show, Bark In The Park 2013, with owner Maria Williams

Owner Maria Williams, from Hove, was thrilled with the victory. “Frazer is not big for an Irish Setter, but he moves like a dream. And he loves doing shows. He walks in the ring and he’s got that that ‘look at me’ thing going on. You can see he enjoys it.”

Frazier in the garden

Where’s the postman?

Appreciation for Frazer, it turns out, is not restricted to Bark In The Park. After winning our 2013 event, he went on to win Best In Show at the Pride Festival Dog Show in Brighton, ahead of hundreds of other contestants. And since then our wonder dog has won so many local dog competitions, Maria doesn’t know where to put all the trophies.

“Last month, we took Frazer over to a dog show in Eastbourne where he won Best In Show,” she says. “Then, the same weekend, we entered the Brown Bread Horse Rescue Dog Show, in Kent, and Frazer won Best In Show there too. And the week before that, at Huntsman Kennels, Worthing, he won Best In Show as well.

Frazier with his trophies

Frazer, with some of his trophies

“Even the postman loves this dog, and the dustman gets out of his truck to pat him on the head.”

“He’s very well behaved. He listens to me, and whatever I say he seems to understand.

“We haven’t done many of the big shows yet. Frazer is four years old now, still like a baby – he looks young, and for the class he’s in, he needs to be a bit more mature. But, to be honest, I prefer smaller, local dog shows like Bark in The Park, because they’re more friendly. It’s a social thing.”

Maria (and Frazer) are hosting their own dog show on Sunday 8 June (registration 11am, judging at 1pm), at Broad Farm, Hellingly, Sussex, BN27 4DU. The show is in aid of the Hailsham Lions Club. Call Maria for details: 01273 721918. If you can’t make that, come and meet Frazer at Bark In The Park on Sunday 15 June, sponsored by Coastway Vets. He loves the attention.

Frazier with Coastway

The Coastway Vets (Tony, left & Trixie, right) with Frazer