Murmurations in Queens Park

April 1st, 2013

In the dying days of March, Queens Park became the arena for awe inspiring aerial displays by many thousands of starlings.

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Starlings over Queens Park Photo: C.L.

Several people reported groups assembling to form ever bigger ‘Murmurations’ in the skies between the Race Hill and Queens Park.
The finale of the hour long assembly and dispersal ended as groups of birds circled ever lower and faster in the failing light before hitting  leaf laden evergreen trees at such terrifying speed as to produce a rattling blast of sound.
The big Ilex Tree on the Island in the pond was one favoured roost whilst others opted for the Bay and Beech trees of West Drive gardens .
Thanks to Jane, Heather, Guy, Randi and Lavender for reporting.

Starlings and Moon over Queens Park. Photo: Jane Griffin

Starlings and Race Hill. Photo: C.L.