New Swift boxes for the Clock Tower

June 22nd, 2012

Our resident Swift champion, Chris Lowe, has refurbished the Swift nesting boxes in the Clock Tower, and with the help of Bryan Warren has re-installed them, along with the CD player that, set on a timer, plays out Swift calls to attract the Swifts into the boxes.

As Chris says, “Two suites of Swift nest-boxes boxes were put in the Clocktower some time ago but never properly installed (a long story).  I removed these 3 weeks ago to replace rusty hinges with stainless steel ones. (The site is exposed to salt-laden winds). These have now been re-installed and are ready to go!”

The refurbished suites are bolted to a custom made sled for pulling up the narrow stairs.

Bryan Warren makes the final haul to the top of the tower.

The two suites snug in their alcoves. Note the CD player to broadcast swift calls on a timer (morning and evening). Four more suites will follow in due course.